Tamandua is a full time rope artist and kinbaku instructor based in Berlin.

‘I have a passionately sadistic streak and a deep love for the aesthetic realm of kinbaku. Having learned from a broad variety of teachers, partners and collaborators the strongest influence on my approach is a mix between more 'classical' erotic japanese semenawa (tormenting rope) and the wildly deconstructed styles of some European riggers. The first taught me about fantasy and desire, the latter about the joy of playfulness and about the body.

Often tying in a way which can be challenging both for the one tying and the one in the ropes, my shibari usually demands a lot of technical clarity when in the role of a teacher. Despite this I believe that it is still important to also manage to leave room for personal adjustment and creativity.

I view kinbaku as a thing of continuous exploration – where new doors open as your go deeper and further with a partner, over the course of a session or over the course of a long partnership. Sometimes though, the magic that defines kinbaku can be just that one alluring image that sticks with you, a moment suspended in time.

For me, the core of kinbaku lies in the meeting between the aesthetic expression and the emotional or erotic intention of the practice. And the more ones tying develop, the more seamlessly the parts can intermingle.’


Tamandua is available to hire for performances, photoshootings and other artistic work and collaborations.

Tamandua is available for tuition in the art of shibari/kinbaku for groups or couples. In Berlin and abroad. More info under ‘Tuition’.

He also offers intimate kinbaku sessions for those wanting to explore and experience in a safe and private setting. For more info and rates send an email.

For information about travel plans and schedule please see calendar.

‘CV and references to teachers and models I have worked with to come.
In the meantime if you are interested in a list of this kind this send an email.’